About Lena Sledge

I love creative mediums. I first started my creative journey as a writer and author. From there I fell in love with visual imagery. I studied filmmaking in college after getting my Bachelor’s degree. I made several short films, and even won an award for my first short film at the River City Film Festival. From there I made my first web series called Unplanned Motherhood. During the filming of my web series, I started capturing images of my cast, surroundings and all the special moments that made life so unique and beautiful. I’ve learned to appreciate those special moments and translate that emotion and intensity into visual art.


The best part of my job is that I get capture moments that people will treasure for a lifetime. Being an image creator carries with it a great deal of responsibility. I’ve chosen this path because imagery is the profound legacy known as creativity. With every single shutter click, with every word written, and every project I produce, my goal is to shoot from the heart and capture the emotions and interactions of each of my clients. My inspiration comes from my journey. And my clients are a part of that journey.